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As the saying goes, wine, or a little alcohol, brings life to every occasion. When planning to attend any celebration, be it a bachelor's/bachelorette, birthday, Christmas, engagement, dinner, or anniversary party, a well thought out wine basket or a park of spirit flasks can be all that you need. We have a variety of gift packs which come with customized cards and free delivery.

We usually select the wines, spirits, liquors, or beers to include in your gift package. However, we also allow you to make your own selection of the contents of the gift basket. All you have to do is give us a list of the exact items you want included in the basket, and the message to put on the card and your gift will be delivered as per your preference.


Our Popular Gift Packs


The following are some of the gift packs that are most popular with our clients.

·Corporate orders are always a delight to package. They contain an assortment of drinks for corporate occasions. Since these are always bulk orders, they come with huge discounts, especially when ordered online. All orders are delivered free of charge.


·Classic wine gifts contain an assortment of classic wines that do not exceed £30. We ensure that we taste all the classic wines before we recommend it for a client. Therefore, be sure that you are getting fine wines that will give you value for money.


·Premium wine gifts have an assortment of premium wines whose prices do not exceed £60. This pack is excellent for the discerning wine lover, and it contains spectacular, stylish wines. 


·Connoisseur wine gifts are perfect for special occasions. These packs contain choice wines and spirits costing more than £60. This is the excellent gift for a superlative experience.


·Elegant Liquor Packs contain handpicked liquors that will make an impressive gift for that business dinner.


·Refined spirits Gifts contain a selection of any type of spirit, be it sparkling vodka, brandy, or rum.


·Champagne Gifts contain selected champagne bottles. They may be accompanied with a box of chocolates


·Personalized Beer gift sets are made up of your favorite beer and personalized accessories and glasses.


The package depends on the quantity of contents in the gift pack, and the price you are willing to pay. For the wine gifts, you may choose standard recycled board packaging, the wooden box or the leather casings with accessories. 

The price per package is subject to the wines, spirits, beers, or liquors that you would like included in the pack, the packaging style, and the number of accessories you would like included in the pack. Fine, high quality liqueurs are expensive compared to a regular beer set. Our prices are also subject to market prices of the alcoholic drinks, and may vary from time to time. However, all our wine gifts cost from £20. We offer discounts on bulk gift packs, especially on corporate events.


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Some of our happy clients had this to say

Hi, I ordered a classic wine gift for a family dinner last week. Everyone loved the selection, so much so that I had to order another one immediately. Thank you so much. Now I know what to do to make my family happy!
Abigail Morton


Hi Wines.. Thank you for your service. I orderd a classic wine gift and it was superb. The wines were more than we expected since the gift was soo affordable. I will always give myself and my loved ones a treat!
Maya Hurst